Eastern Shore District of The United Methodist Church
Saturday, July 04, 2015

Clergy Spouses

Currently there is not an organized "Clergy Spouses Group" on the Eastern Shore District 

What is a District Clergy Spouse Support Coordinator & How Can They Help You?
The District Clergy Spouse Support Coordinators for the Virginia Annual Conference Clergy Spouses offer the gift of dialogue to clergy spouses who are looking for spiritual support, encouragement, good referral resources for a particular concern, and/or simply a listening ear. We are another arm of the team (along with the District Superintendent and the District Chaplain) that care for clergy, their spouses, and children.
As sisters and brothers, we are committed to providing a safe, compassionate, and confidential space for you, as a clergy spouse, to share your concerns and questions. When appropriate, we will help you find other people or agencies to work with your situation. We are concerned that our sisters and brothers who are clergy spouses have someone to turn to in their times of need, or someone to respond to a simple question.

Parsonages Support Committee:

Purpose: The purpose of the Parsonage Support Committee is to assist the district superintendent in supporting the local church and the parsonage family in dealing with issues associated with providing a home for the parsonage family. This is to be a positive support that appreciates the issues of a church-owned house that is the private home to a clergy family and will strive to be sensitive and not intrusive. This committee will seek to give assistance where needed, to bring creative solutions to bear on parsonage issues, and to hold accountable in love all whose task it is to be good stewards of the parsonage.

Composition: Six lay members are appointed by the District Superintendent with staggered two-year terms. Members should have experience in dealing with property standards, maintenance, and short-term residents. One or more may be a clergy spouse, realtor, or local church trustee.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Receive training to be provided by the Clergy Family Enrichment Committee (for at least one member of the Parsonages Support Committee, who would then train the other members). The District Superintendent would be invited to attend.
  • Provide advice to District Superintendent on parsonage-related issues.
  • Review the Annual Review Inventory Form provided annually by local churches from parsonage walkthroughs (with attention to items that are noted to be done but that continue on the list from year to year).
  • Communicate information to local church trustees, members of P/SPRC, and clergy families on parsonage-related issues (e.g., interpreting various guidelines).
  • Upon request of the district superintendent, when a change in pastors is occurring, one or two members of this Committee will participate with the local church Parsonage Committee (chair of Trustees, chair of P/SPRC), the pastor, and pastor’s spouse, (if applicable), in the required parsonage inspection (see Policy at the Time of Change of Pastors and Inventory for Leaving the Parsonage).
  • Provide assistance related to a specific parsonage when the District Superintendent invites the committee to become involved in issues of parsonage care and upkeep, or where the church or the parsonage family requests help in dealing with parsonage issues.
  • Upon request of the district superintendent, assist the local church in identifying ways to carry out plans to modernize and otherwise maintain the parsonage within the resources, available (e.g., through multi-year planning, in-kind contributions of local, contractors and suppliers)
  • Upon request, assist clergy families who will be moving to plan for leaving the parsonage in good condition (e.g., providing advice about repairs of damage done by pets, identifying local professional cleaning services, working with P/S-PRC and Trustees to complete planned maintenance before the arrival of the new pastor).
  • Provide feedback to the Clergy Family Enrichment Committee regarding guidelines and procedures.
For more information on the Eastern Shore District Parsonage Support Committee, contact the District UMC Office